• 15 February 2024
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FME Hub user chrisatsafe just uploaded a new transformer to the FME Hub.


The AmazonBedrockConnector transformer for FME enables users to seamlessly integrate AWS Bedrock services with their spatial data transformation workflows in FME. AWS Bedrock is a managed service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that simplifies the process of deploying, managing, and scaling big data applications and workflows on the cloud. By leveraging the AmazonBedrockConnector, users can efficiently transfer data between FME and AWS Bedrock, facilitating a wide range of cloud-based data processing and analysis tasks.


Easy Integration: Connect to AWS Bedrock directly from within your FME workflows, allowing for smooth data exchange between your local and cloud environments.

Scalable Data Processing: Utilize AWS Bedrock's scalable infrastructure to handle large datasets and complex spatial data processing tasks without the need for extensive hardware investments.

Secure Data Management: Ensure your data is securely managed and transferred between FME and AWS Bedrock with robust security features and protocols.

Automated Workflows: Automate your data processing and analysis workflows, leveraging AWS Bedrock's managed services for efficiency and reliability.


Setup: Begin by configuring the AmazonBedrockConnector transformer within your FME workspace. This involves specifying your AWS credentials and selecting the appropriate AWS Bedrock services and resources you wish to interact with.

Data Transfer: Use the transformer to transfer data between FME and AWS Bedrock. This could involve uploading data to AWS Bedrock for processing, or retrieving processed data from AWS Bedrock for further use within FME.

Processing: Leverage AWS Bedrock's computing capabilities to perform various data processing tasks. The specifics of these tasks will depend on the AWS Bedrock services you are using (e.g., data analysis, machine learning models, etc.).

Automation and Monitoring: Automate your workflows for continuous data processing and utilize AWS Bedrock's monitoring tools to keep track of your tasks and resources.


If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the AmazonBedrockConnector transformer, please reach out to FME Support or consult the AWS Bedrock support forums for assistance.

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