FME Server 2020 Automation doesn't show database connections

  • 10 April 2020
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Hey all,

I'm struggling to get an Automation set up on FME server 2020. Whenever I add a workspace it states that there are no connections available, but I have a connection set up on the server to a MariaDB database.

So far I have found this:


So updated to the latest FME Server but it doesn't work Not sure I am missing something simpe or not! Thanks Joe



Best answer by siennaatsafe 13 April 2020, 18:54

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Hi @joe_p,



~Update July 6th, 2020~ This has been fixed as of 2020.1 build 20576+.


Original post:

Thank you for posting this. Unfortunately, you've run into a bug that's already been reported to us. I'll be sure to update this comment once it's been fixed. If you ever want to check in on the status of it our internal reference code for it is FMESERVER-14602.

Luckily, the user who reported it found a workaround. He found that if you create a text parameter for the connection instead of the one autogenerated by FME it will show up in the automation. The downside of this is you will not be able to search for connections on your Server, instead, you'll have to type the connection name in.

To implement this workaround follow the following steps:

  1. Right-click on Published Parameters in the Navigator Panel and select Create User Parameter...
  2. Create a text User Parameter like this. Be careful with the spelling and capitalization of the database connection. Click OK.
  3. Find the connection parameter in the navigator. Right-click on it and select Link to User Parameter. Then, link the parameter to the new text parameter just created. Then, select OK.
  4. Now, upload the workspace to FME Server and you should be able to write in the Database Connection. The benefit of using this method is you can now set the automation to use the Database Connection as a global parameter. This means you can use that connection in multiple places in the workflow without explicitly setting it again.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about this!

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Thank you for your very comprehensive answer @siennaatsafe you are a lifesaver! It works a treat.